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Novinový článok15 február 2021

The First Global Customs Innovation Award on Data Quality is now open

The EU-funded Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners (PEN-CP) has launched the first Global Customs Innovation Award in cooperation with the World Customs Organization. PEN-CP is inviting Customs Administrations from all over the world to share their innovations for tackling problems linked to data quality. Data quality has become a critical success factor of customs operations worldwide, but problems relate for example to input mistakes by declarants, vague descriptions, incorrect codes, missing sender information, and the overall reliability of the data are still common.

About this competition

The contest for the Global Customs Innovation Award welcomes actions and ideas from customs that demonstrate innovative approaches to data quality. The contest has two tracks: one for tested solutions and other for novel ideas. Both tracks focus on data quality innovation: implementation of a new technology, cost efficient capture of high-quality data, and methods for reliable cross-validation across datasets, to name a few examples.

The most impressive solutions and most promising ideas will win the trophy Global Customs Innovation Award. The winning project will receive recognition, global publicity and invitation to influence the follow-up innovation upscaling activities. The winners of both tracks will receive five units of PEN-CP coffee break kits. PEN-CP will make a small financial donation to a national or local charity of winner’s choice (in full compliance with the national regulations, of course).

Who can participate?

Customs administrations and customs officers across the globe. You are free to choose if the submissions are in the name of an individual officer, team/ unit, or full administration; just please comply with the rules of your administration, thanks.


Submissions can be made between 1 February and 31 July 2021.

For more details on the award please consult the website of PEN-CP


PEN-CP is a 5-year EU Horizon 2020 funded network-project of for innovation in security, with 13 European customs administrations – both EU and non-EU – as active partners. PEN-CP aims to establish a customs practitioner network which facilitates translating customs security research and innovation ideas and requirements into scalable, viable solutions, technologies, and process improvements that would help European customs administrations to overcome the challenges of the contemporary customs and border management security.


Dátum uverejnenia
15 február 2021