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Fight against organised and serious international crime: EMPACT starts a new cycle


The new EMPACT cycle 2022-2025 to fight organised and serious international crime just started and the Commission is boosting its support.

EMPACT, the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats, is a security initiative run by EU countries to identify and address threats posed by organised and serious crime (for example, drug trafficking, cybercrime, trafficking in human beings and others). The platform runs in four-year cycles, each setting out specific priorities and actions.

New funding opportunities for EMPACT cycle 2022-2025

The Work Programme of the Thematic Facility of the Internal Security Fund includes new funding opportunities for activities and operational actions for EMPACT cycle 2022-2025.

The “specific action for EMPACT” will enable stakeholders to develop more complex and long-term activities, and to increase coordination and cooperation of law enforcement and other authorities within and between EU countries, and with other actors.

This new financial opportunity for EMPACT is a direct follow-up of the commitment announced in the EU Strategy to tackle Organised Crime

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14. januára 2022
Generálne riaditeľstvo pre migráciu a vnútorné záležitosti