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News article22 July 2019

EU-U.S. cooperation on tackling terrorist financing continues to produce results

According to the Joint Report published today, cooperation between the EU and the U.S. on tracking terrorist financing has continued to yield positive results with over 70,000 leads generated in latest reporting period (2016-2018). Indeed, the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP) is a key to providing timely, accurate and reliable information to identify and track terrorists and their support networks worldwide. Moreover, some of the leads were instrumental in bringing forward investigations relating to terrorist attacks on EU soil, including those in Stockholm, Barcelona and Turku.

EU Member States and Europol have increasingly used the mechanism and the number of leads generated by TFTP soared between 2016 and 2018 to 70,991 as compared to 8,998 in the previous reporting period. In the report,the Commission suggests that Member States continue to provide regular feedback on the leads received from the US authorities and encourages Europol to continue providing its support in this area to Member States.

The Commission is also satisfied with EU-U.S. cooperation under the program, as well as with the fact that the essential safeguards and controls, such as data protection, continue to be properly implemented. The next Joint Review of the Agreement is expected in 2021.

For more information:

  • Report: 5th Joint Review of the Agreement between the EU and the United States as regards the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program and its Staff Working Document
  • Website: The Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme


Publication date
22 July 2019