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Migration and Home Affairs
Article d’actualité14 mai 2019

EU Protects online and in real life: DG Migration and Home Affairs at the EU Open Day 2019

With interactive displays including the very latest in crime fighting technology, a virtual reality (VR) training game platform and explosives detection dogs from the Belgian police, the DG Migration and Home Affairs stand at the EU Open Day was buzzing all day long. It highlighted some of the work the DG does in the field of security, be it keeping EU citizens safe online or in real life. Volunteers at the stand welcomed 10,000 curious visitors eager to explore everything from the EU Protects selfie booth to crime-fighting drones. The selfie booth was an opportunity for visitors to take home a photo memento of the day or to share it online with friends and family. The experts from Europol were there to demonstrate how synthetic drug labs are dismantled and how to recognise counterfeit medicines and luxury-branded goods. One of the most popular displays was the Auggmed VR game platform used to train the police in fighting terrorism and organised crime. The real stars of the day turned out to be Tine and Queenie, two Belgian police dogs who use their special dog-nose technology to detect explosives. Visitors who took the cyber quiz or identified forbidden items in a luggage scan game won an EU Protects tote bag. This year, our bags were designed with reminders on how to stay safe online.


Date de publication
14 mai 2019