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Presseartikel11 Mai 2022Generaldirektion Migration und Inneres

EU proposes new rules to fight child sexual abuse

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Today, the European Commission proposed new EU legislation to protect children against sexual abuse, online and offline. The proposed rules require online platforms to better detect, report and remove child sexual abuse content.

Why new rules to protect children are necessary

85 million pictures and videos showing child sexual abuse were reported worldwide in 2021, many more go unreported. Child sexual abuse is pervasive, harmful to children and society. The new rules will safeguard children as internet companies move protection actions from voluntary to required by establishing:

  • mandatory risk assessments
  • targeted detection obligations (based on a detection order)
  • stronger safeguards concerning detection
  • clear reporting obligations
  • effective removal of forbidden content
  • lower risks of exposing children to grooming
  • solid oversight mechanisms and judicial redress

An EU Centre to prevent and counter child sexual abuse

The proposed Regulation also establishes the EU Centre to prevent and counter child sexual abuse. The new Centre will assist online platforms with fulfilling the rules, be it reporting or deletion of forbidden content. It will also aid victims of abuse and act as a knowledge hub for best practices on prevention and the assistance to victims.

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Datum der Veröffentlichung
11 Mai 2022
Generaldirektion Migration und Inneres