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Articolo27 maggio 2020

EMN study: Comparative overview of national protection statuses in the EU and Norway

The latest EMN study provides an update on available national protection statuses since 2010 across the EU, examining the protection grounds, procedures, key rights and content of protection of each type of status.

Do Member States and Norway grant any other forms of protection than those covered by EU asylum legislation? If so, what type of statuses do they grant and what procedures have they put in place to process applications? What are the rights and standards that come with these statuses and how do they compare with the EU-harmonised statuses?

The study found that:

  • There are 60 national protection statuses in 21 Member States and Norway in addition to those harmonised at EU level.
  • National protection statuses cater for a wide variety of protection needs and situations, exceeding the grounds for international protection under EU asylum law.
  • 11 Member States introduced legislative changes regarding national protection statuses between 2010 and 2018.
  • The grounds for the national protection remain largely undefined leaving a significant margin of discretion to competent authorities.
  • Member States also have a greater level of discretion regarding the determination procedures compared to the EU-harmonised statuses.

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27 maggio 2020