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News article14 September 2022Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

EMN Glossary: New version released

Latest EMN Glossary version includes improvements related to search terms and classifications. As of June 2022, the EMN Glossary includes terms in the context of international protection, Dublin and reception.  

The EMN Glossary is an online multilingual and multidisciplinary resource of terms related to migration and asylum in Europe. It improves comparability by enabling a common understanding and use of terms and definitions. It draws on a variety of sources, but primarily on the legislation of the EU asylum and immigration acquis, and makes terms available in the majority of EU Member State languages. 

The latest version of the Glossary includes updates that facilitate the navigation and comparability of terms. It now has a much more powerful search function available. With the new search function:  

  • Terms can be searched for under the recently updated classification system that can be found here, which has been created for the purpose of grouping terms to make the search more user-friendly.  

  • Different search options can be combined to allow for a more focused and refined search.  

  • Searching for key words will now also search the entire glossary, including the descriptive notes section where more in-depth information on terms is made available. 

  • Additionally, it is easier also to search terms in different languages and find the correspondent English term.  

Access the EMN Glossary from the dedicated web page. An updated app version will be available for download shortly.



Publication date
14 September 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs