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News article3 February 2023Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

DG HOME publishes EU Security Market Study

DG HOME publishes EU Security Market Study

The European Commission has published a study on EU Security Market, with the objective to get a better understanding of the EU civil security market and its dynamics. This comprehensive study is a first of its kind.

The study will serve as a benchmarking tool providing reliable up-to-date information on the EU market, including for the areas of Fighting Crime and Terrorism, Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, Border Management and Disaster Risk Management, both for the supply and the demands sides.

The study produced four tools, all of which are now available in the DG HOME website section, related to the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS).

The first output of the study is an EU civil security market future-looking scenarios that seeks to respond to the following focal question: “What will the EU civil security market look like by 2032?” This exercise brought together the observed market dynamics and scenario planning, meaning a process which results in extreme yet plausible alternative hypotheses about how the world might unfold, designed specifically to highlight risks and opportunities.

The second key output of the study is a Taxonomy, i.e. a common language or harmonised terminology for security products and services. Readers can download or explore online through an interactive tool.

The third key output is an EU civil security stakeholder catalogue, both on the demand and supply sides, which users can explore through an interactive map. The stakeholder catalogue provides a representative sample of actors involved in the civil security industry, based on procurement and R&I data collected and analysed for this study (i.e., buyers and sellers of security products and services based on contract data).

DG HOME publishes EU Security Market Study

The fourth output is the Market segmentation model, an interactive tool allowing the user to better understand dynamics and trends on the European civil security market, based on data collected as part of this study. It allows the user to conduct thorough analyses on the demand and the supply sides.

The outcomes of the study are important to support different audiences.

  • Policy-makers and governments can use the results as an input to policy formulation and programming, as well as to articulate policy instruments (e.g. funding) to overcome the market constraints for the uptake of innovative security solutions.
  • EU security industry, including SMEs, can use the outcomes in order to benchmark their investments, to shape their business strategy and to have a better visibility of the demand, as well as of potential non-EU competitors.
  • EU operators, users, prescribers and procurers of the public side, can use the study results, in order to have a better visibility of the supply and to plan the development of capabilities based on a sound knowledge of the current and foreseen EU industrial capacity.

Read the final report of the study.


Publication date
3 February 2023
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs