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Migration and Home Affairs
News announcement29 June 2022DublinDirectorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs1 min read

CSEP Thematic Event – looking back and moving forward, 07-08 November 2022


For the past five years, the Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP) has supported 20 projects in their online P/CVE campaigns across EU Member States. Funding for CSEP projects will come to an end in 2022.

A final physical thematic event will therefore be organised on 07 and 08 November 2022, where representatives of all 20 CSEP projects will be brought together to reflect on the successes and challenges of participating in the programme.

The main goal for this CSEP event is to build on the existing foundations and sustain and continue the alternative and counternarrative campaigning in P/CVE that has been funded by the CSEP. Consequently, this networking event will look backwards but also move forwards into the future.

This thematic event aims to:

  • Share lessons learned and achievements with peers, project administrators, and partners to inspire and learn from each other.
  • Exchange ideas on designing effective counter and alternative narratives to build resilience online and counter the influence of extremists on social media.
  • Facilitate networking, synergies, and support for the further development of counter and alternative narrative campaigns.
  • Discuss further possible cooperation among CSEP projects beyond the existing funding to achieve sustainability and facilitate and stimulate innovation.
  • Reflect on the lessons learned and achievements made during the projects with Kantar/Ramboll.
  • Reflect on the extent to which projects have benefited from the support provided by RAN staff, the social media industry, and peers.

The representatives of the 20 projects will share insights, achievements, and lessons learned in online campaigning in P/CVE. The meeting will also be attended by representatives of DG Home, Meta (Facebook), Google/YouTube, Twitter and other experts to reflect on the last 5 years while looking forward to the future and the necessity of online campaigning in P/CVE. The meeting will take place in Europe’s biggest digital hub, Dublin (Ireland).



Publication date
29 June 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs