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News article21 December 2020

Commissioner Johansson at the EU-Canada Integration of Migrant Women event

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of International Migrants Day, the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, participated on Friday 18 December in the webinar on integration of migrant women to close the 2020 edition of the EU-Canada Migration Platform.

Commissioner Johansson said “I am glad that the EU Canada Platform this year focused on migrant women. Women are the key to integration. For too long women have been invisible in the debate on migration and inclusion. But not this year. Today, on International Migrants Day, you put the spotlight on migrant women. The inclusion of migrant women is an important goal in itself. But it’s also important for society. Integration of migrant women will also help their children, their partners, and other women, to belong. Our society needs those women; their strength, their skill and talent.

A series of webinars took place in the course of November and December, bringing together over 100 participants, including policy-makers, NGOs, think tanks and academics, from across the EU and Canada to discuss and exchange best practices to address the obstacles and opportunities for integration of migrant women. The discussions revealed that increasing the focus on social inclusion bears great promise to improve the overall outcomes of migrant women. Successful integration does not only depend on getting a job. It entails participating in the society, building social networks and getting a job that matches skills and aspirations. All these aspects contribute to well-being and a sense of belonging, and ultimately to a more cohesive society. The final closing session took place on 18th December. It has been a great opportunity to identify issues, explore policies and advance towards a closer cooperation between the EU and Canada to develop effective approaches to the integration of migrant women and migrants as a whole.

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21 December 2020