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Notícia23 julho 2019

Commission evaluates implementation of the Directive on protecting European Critical Infrastructures

According to an evaluation which the Commission published today, there is European added-value to having a common approach when it comes identifying and designating European Critical Infrastructures, as well as on the subsequent need to protect it. Indeed, the Commission’s report concluded that national approaches in this area would, either not have achieved the same result, or would have done so but only through longer, costlier and less well-defined processes.

The report also finds that some of the definitions contained in the Directive were too broad, and left considerable room for interpretation on the part of the Member States. However, the Directive has raised awareness of the issue at the national level and improved cooperation and information exchange at the European level.

Overall, the evaluation finds the Directive to be only of partial relevance today, but this is in light of a range of factors including a very different security landscape, as compared one Member States faced in 2008 when the Directive was adopted.

The evaluation of the Directive was prompted by the findings of the 2017 Comprehensive Assessment of the European Union’s security policies, which noted the evolving threat picture facing critical infrastructures, and announced the-then forthcoming evaluation of the Directive in order to determine if it remained fit for purpose.


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23 julho 2019