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News announcement20 October 2021

Call for participants: RAN Y&E meeting on Inclusion through sports

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This online meeting will take place on 30 November and 01 December 2021 from 9.00 -13.00 CET.

For our RAN Youth & Education Working Group meeting on the topic of Inclusion through sports’ on 30 November – 01 December 2021 we are looking for teachers, sports teachers, youth workers and sport club/gym representatives who have experience in this area.

Other practitioners who can provide concrete examples from daily practices, or who experience challenges around this topic, are also invited to respond to this call for participants.  

Background and aim of this meeting  

Sports can play a positive and constructive role in the life of young people. Their confidence can be boosted by engaging in physical activity and it gives youngsters the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other young people that can lead to positive identity development and sense of belonging, two protective factors when it comes to the prevention of radicalisation.

This way, sports could eventually reduce the risk of radicalisation. However, more awareness of the role sports can play and knowledge on how sports can be utilised by educational staff and youth workers is needed.

This meeting builds on the outcomes of the RAN Y&E previous meeting on the role of sports and leisure activities in preventing and countering violent extremism on 06-07 March 2019. It aims to explore how sports could be used by educational staff and youth workers to prevent radicalisation and redirect the focus of youngsters away from violent ideologies.

Furthermore, it explores the possibilities and opportunities that collaboration between education, youth work and sport clubs/gyms might generate, e.g. in terms of building up protective factors for young people vulnerable to radicalisation. This meeting aims to provide recommendations and tangible tips for first line practitioners in the education, youth and sports fields.

Outcomes of this meeting will be presented in a conclusions paper that will gather concrete recommendations stemming from daily practice on how to utilise sports and how to set-up collaboration between the relevant stakeholders in order to prevent radicalisation more effectively.

Questions that will be discussed during the meeting include: 

  • How do sports contribute to the experience of inclusion of vulnerable youngsters?
  • What role can sports play in P/CVE? (primary, secondary and tertiary prevention)?
  • How can sports be utilised by youth workers and educational staff to prevent radicalisation and redirect the focus of youngsters? What are good examples?
  • How to set up effective (and long-term) collaborative structures between education, youth work and sports?
  • How should collaboration between practitioners in education, youth work and sports look like? What are examples of effective collaboration between them?
  • What is the role of the sports teacher?


We are currently looking for participants:

  • sports teachers and teachers working in formal education schools
  • youth workers
  • sport club representatives, like MMA or football trainers

We’re make a special appeal to representatives from schools that actively collaborate with sports clubs. If you register your interest as a teacher, please note we would like to explore the possibility for you to bring the sports teacher from your school to the meeting.

If you can provide concrete examples from daily practices, or if you experience challenges around this topic, please register here

We will invite participants based on the information in the registration link. 

Since we can only invite a limited number of participants for this meeting to ensure valuable exchange and interaction, participation is not guaranteed.   

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Pomme Wolters, Esther Zuiderveld or Boy Broeders.


Publication date
20 October 2021 (Last updated on: 17 September 2021)