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Tlačové oznámenie24 január 2023Generálne riaditeľstvo pre migráciu a vnútorné záležitosti

Call for participants: RAN Practitioners Study Visit to the Netherlands on the Multi-Agency Approach to Rehabilitation of Radicalised Detainees (MAR), 22-23 February 2023

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22 and 23 February 2023, 09.00 - 12.30 CET, digital meeting

The virtual study visit will take place in English, without translation.


For many EU Member States, identifying and managing radicalisation in custodial settings and managing VETOs’ or radicalised offenders’ rehabilitation and transition back into society remains a persistent challenge. This includes risk and needs assessment as well as the role of multi-agency cooperation to work with the target group in a holistic manner. Across the EU, diverse tools, ideas and methods are being implemented which have produced insightful lessons learnt and good practices.

During several RAN PRISONS and RAN REHAB meetings and events, the benefit of multi-agency approaches at all stages of managing VETOs was prominent. Examples can be found in the RAN PRISONS, REHAB & POL online meeting from March 2021 (How to prevent reoffending and reengagement of radicalised and terrorist offenders), the RAN REHAB digital meeting from September 2021 (Returning FTFs and their families: Practitioners’ insights on improving the return process), the RAN PRISONS digital meeting from April 2022 (The role of multi-agency cooperation in dealing with female returnees in prison and protecting the rights of children with imprisoned parents), and RAN PRISONS July 2022 meeting in Rome (Dealing with false or non-compliance in prison – intervention strategies to mitigate risks).

This study visit to the Netherlands aims to provide an opportunity for participants to learn from and exchange about the Multi Agency Approach to Rehabilitation of Radicalised Detainees, a national programme organised by the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency.

Aim of the Study Visit

The study visit aims to create the opportunity for European practitioners to learn from their Dutch colleagues about their experience with the programme that started operating in 2021. As many EU MSs are currently working with VETOs and radicalised detainees in custodial settings, continued exchange about the implementation of processes and structures to identify radicalisation in prison and how to work multi-professionally in doing so, is key. The study visit will also provide insights for participants on the response measures taken after radicalisation has been identified, including disengagement and rehabilitation efforts offered and transition into a VETO’s or radicalised offender’s release. The visit will allow practitioners to engage with good practices and lessons learnt from the Dutch case study in order to discuss applicability in their own work and national contexts.  

Main focus/key objectives: 

  • What does the Dutch system of identifying radicalisation in prison look like?
  • Which risk assessment tools, methods and staff training does it entail?
  • Who are the actors involved in the MAR, who is the responsible authority coordinating the approach and how did they involve all relevant parties in the process of building and implementing the programme?
  • What are the insights and lesson learnt from past years about the impact of the programme, including its multi-agency approach?

What are the ways, approaches and practices applied to ensuring continuity between prison and release, including rehabilitation and reintegration of VETOs and radicalised detainees?

Target group

The study visit is intended for practitioners who work in the supervision and or rehabilitation process of radicalised detainees, may they work for the state, the municipality, CSO or any relevant work and workplace.

This could include: 

  • Prison and probation staff
  • Social workers 
  • Social services 
  • Psychologists
  • CSO practitioners 
  • Local coordinators 
  • Law enforcement


Since participation is limited for this event, we kindly ask you to fill out this questionnaire by 3 February. Based on the answers we receive, we will inform you of your participation by 6 February.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Niv Zonis or Nico Schernbeck.



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24 január 2023
Generálne riaditeľstvo pre migráciu a vnútorné záležitosti