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News announcement2 September 2022RomeDirectorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

Call for participants: RAN POL meeting - Police role and contribution in the multi-agency case diagnosis of at-risk individuals

31 October - 01 November 2022, 13.00 CET Rome, Italy (two-day lunch-to-lunch meeting at a hotel).


Dear Sir/Madam, dear single Point of Contact for RAN POL in behalf of the RAN POL chairs Marzena Kordaczuk-Wąs and Luc Van Der Taelen, we are currently looking for suitable participants from the police who

  • have practical knowledge of holistic multi-agency case diagnosis for preventive and repressive approaches of youth gang crime, radicalisation and other deviant behaviour

Background and aim of this meeting

We want to broaden our scope. For instance, in cases of knife and gang crime, and youth criminality in general, there are push-and-pull factors at play at the micro, meso and macro level. These can range from individual experiences or mental health issues, to perceptions of injustice in society, even at a global scale. A proper diagnosis cannot be done by police alone. It requires cooperation of, for instance mental health practitioners and practitioners with expertise on social issues.

Police have a long tradition in multi-agency prevention of youth crime with a focus on individuals as members of groups/gangs. The police contribute to the case management of these at-risk youth. When it comes to repression and prevention measures, both need to be tailor-made in the multi-agency cooperation context.

This meeting is not about looking for an explanation for why youth gang crime is happening. Instead we will look into how the police together with different partners holistically can diagnose the cases and how they preventive interventions in a multi-agency setting are organised.

What does a successful holistic case diagnosis in a multi-agency cooperation look like? Are there methods to do the case diagnosis holistically? Who are needed for it? Does it make a difference when there is no involvement of intelligence and national security actors? We are looking for inspiring approaches to answer these questions during our meeting.


We kindly ask you to suggest an officer matching the profile and who can add to the discussion. Please motivate your candidate by sharing your interesting case and/or practical knowledge with an e-mail to Steven Lenos and Ceren Özkan. Preferably as soon as possible, ultimately by 27 September 2022 EOB


  • RAN will arrange and pay for costs of travel, hotel and meals (during the meeting)
  • As a rule, the meeting only allows one expert per EU Member State to attend in Rome.
  • The meeting will be held in English, without translation. We expect the police officer to be able to actively contribute to the discussion in English.
  • We will follow the explicit Chatham House rules.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

On behalf of the RAN POL Working Group leaders Marzena Kordaczuk-Wąs and Luc Van Der Taelen,  Steven Lenos and Ceren Özkan (RAN Practitioners Staff)



Publication date
2 September 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs