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Sajtócikk2022. május 11.Migrációügyi és Uniós Belügyi Főigazgatóság

An Anti-Trafficking Plan to protect people fleeing the war in Ukraine

 A common anti-trafficking plan

To protect people fleeing the war in Ukraine, today, the EU Solidarity Platform presented a tailor-made Common Anti-Trafficking Plan to address the risks of trafficking in human beings and support potential victims.The EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Diane Schmitt, developed the plan together with EU agencies and countries.

Five objectives of the Common Anti-Trafficking plan

The Common Anti-Trafficking plan delivers one of the goals set in the 10 Point Action Plan to better coordinate EU actions for welcoming people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The plan builds on the EU Strategy on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings and carefully follows the EU Anti-trafficking Directive. It sets forward five goals:

  1. Strengthen awareness regarding risks of trafficking in human beings and setting up dedicated helplines
  2. Reinforce prevention against trafficking in human beings
  3. Enhancing law enforcement and judicial response to trafficking in human beings
  4. Improving early identification, support and protection of human trafficking victims
  5. Addressing the risks of trafficking in human beings in non-EU countries, especially Ukraine and Moldova

The above goals will be pursued through concrete actions on EU level and through recommendations to EU countries.

Next steps

The EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator will implement the plan in cooperation with the National Rapporteurs and Equivalent Mechanisms of EU countries and the EU Agencies.

2022. MÁJUS 11.
Anti-Trafficking Plan
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2022. május 11.
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