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Migration and Home Affairs

Arije Antinori

  • Italy
RAN participants Area of expertise
  • Far-right extremism
  • Intelligence and security
  • Internet and online (de)radicalisation
  • Islamist-inspired extremism
  • Law enforcement
  • Left-wing extremism
  • Lone actors
  • Prevention
  • Strategic support and advice on PCVE
  • Youth
RAN participants Events
  • Communication and Narratives working group (RAN C&N)
  • Families, communities and social care working group (RAN FC&S)
  • Health working group (RAN HEALTH)
  • Plenary, High Level Conference
  • Police and law enforcement working group (RAN POL)
  • Prisons Working Group (RAN PRISONS)
  • Rehabilitation working group (RAN REHABILITATION)
  • Victims/survivors of terrorism working group (RAN VoT)
  • Youth and Education working group (RAN Y&E)
Expert pool
  • No


Sapienza University of Rome

arije [dot] antinoriatuniroma1 [dot] it (Email) | Website