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RAN Practitioners Update 97 | May 2022

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At RAN Practitioners we are mindful to support practitioners to both understand and address the full range of existing P/CVE challenges which we collectively face and to anticipate future challenges. However, while our focus is on bringing practitioners together to share insights, ideas and good practices, it is also important to sometimes take a moment to take stock of what practitioners practically need to do their work. At a time when practitioners seemingly face a plethora of challenges – as a result of events such as the Covid-19 crisis and the Ukraine war – we take a look at whether practitioners are sufficiently and properly equipped to tackle them. In this edition of the RAN Practitioners Update, we feature the latest episode of our podcast series, RAN in Focus, which hears from three leading practitioners who discuss this very topic. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please do get in touch.




‘Extremists’ Targeting of Young Women on Social Media and Lessons for P/CVE’ is the title of a recent paper by RAN Practitioners. It explores which narratives and strategies are used by right-wing (RWE) and Islamist extremist (IE) actors to lure and recruit young women and girls to (violent) extremism. The paper identifies implications for P/CVE in order to better prevent and counter extremists’ online targeting of women and girls.


You can read the paper in full here


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For more information on all planned meetings over the coming months of 2022 please go to the RAN Practitioners website.


Manifesto for Education 2nd Edition, 2021

A ‘manifesto’, published by RAN Practitioners in April 2022, describes the nature of the extremism challenges in the education system across Europe today. The ‘manifesto’, which is the second edition of a manifesto published in 2015, reviews progress made to date, identifies areas for further development and details new or developing themes for consideration. The paper serves as a call to action for practitioners in education and youth work.


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31 MAY 2022
RAN Practitioners Update 97 | May 2022