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RAN Practitioners Update 96 | April 2022

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As events continue to unfold in Ukraine, policy makers and practitioners alike are considering the potential impact on the P/CVE environment in Europe. There is a growing concern that the Ukraine crisis could cause new polarisation challenges in communities right across the EU and as a result give new opportunities for terrorists and extremists to radicalise and recruit.

In this edition of the RAN Practitioners Update, we feature the latest issue of the Spotlight magazine and the latest episode of the podcast series, RAN in Focus, which take a look at the changing nature of the polarisation challenge in Europe today. The Update also takes a look back at the 18th European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism, which took place on 11th March 2022.


18th European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism


On 11th March 2022, the EU paid tribute to Victims/Survivors of Terrorism (VoT). The event, which takes place every year on the day of the 2004 Madrid attacks, heard the powerful testimonies of a number of victims and survivors of terrorist attacks. The event also heard from RAN practitioners who presented their efforts to support victims and survivors to overcome their trauma and play a role in P/CVE. The Remembrance Day was organised by the European Commission, in close cooperation with the RAN Victims/Survivors of Terrorism Working Group.


Find out more about RAN Practitioners’ support to victims and survivors here.

Upcoming events

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, RAN Practitioners will continue to deliver all meetings in the coming months online. For more information on planned meetings please go to the RAN Practitioners website.

A full set of meetings planned for the upcoming months of 2022 will be published shortly on the RAN Practitioners website.


Lessons Learned from Alternative Narrative Campaigns

A report, published in March 2022, takes stock of RAN Practitioners and others’ work on alternative narrative campaigns in recent years, noting new developments and considerations that need to be taken into account, before presenting concrete lessons learned and recommendations for practice.

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Extremists’ Targeting of Young Women on Social Media and Lessons for P/CVE

A new paper explores which narratives and strategies are used by right-wing and Islamist extremist actors to lure and recruit young women and girls to (violent) extremism. The paper identifies implications for P/CVE in order to better prevent and counter extremists’ online targeting of women and girls.

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An inventory of P/CVE hotlines/helplines in the EU

A recent article provides an overview of existing P/CVE hotlines/helplines in EU Member States, as well as the United Kingdom. The paper provides guidance to practitioners on how to search for relevant hotlines/helplines in their country and receive information about the support services available.

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Hybrid youth and social work

A RAN Practitioners paper provides an insight into the new online arenas of potential radicalisation and their attraction to certain groups of young people. The aim of the paper is to enable youth and social workers, teachers, parents, and caregivers to become empowered actors in the increasingly digital lives of children and young people.

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RAN Practitioners Update 96 | April 2022
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