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RAN Newsletter 84 | May 2021



As vaccination programmes are being rolled out across Europe, and government restrictions in some places being relaxed, we can begin to contemplate life after Covid. However, for first-line practitioners, the work to address some of the long-lasting consequences of the pandemic on individuals and communities has only just begun. In the last year we have seen the emergence of new P/CVE threats. Not only have we seen an increase in the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy narratives, but also the emergence of more extreme and violent narratives. In this month’s RAN Practitioners Update, we begin to take a look at some of these challenges, discussed in our new series of podcasts, ‘RAN in Focus’.

Emerging Threats

RAN in Focus

In our new series of podcasts, ‘RAN in Focus’, we have been exploring and dissecting some of the emerging P/CVE threats. The first podcast, released last month, looked at how terrorists and extremists have been using online gaming platforms to radicalise and recruit. In the latest episode, with the help of Working Group leads, we take a look at the rising Incels movement, their narratives and how they operate online. Check out both episodes on the RAN YouTube channel now, soon to be available on Spotify. To watch or listen to the podcasts please click here.

RAN paper

A new paper, ‘Violent Incels and Challenges for P/CVE’, provides insights for practitioners about challenges related to the Incels movement and how practitioners can respond. The paper provides an overview of the people who self-ascribe to the term Incel, mental health challenges, which platforms they operate on, how they recruit and their relationship to other online extremist movements. The paper draws on the insights gathered from the ‘small scale meeting’ held online on 25 February 2021. Read more...


Call for participants

We are pleased to announce an open call for participation in the 2021 RAN YOUNG platform. We are looking for the next generation of influential leaders, thinkers and doers in the field of prevention and countering of violent extremism (P/CVE). This year we will welcome another 25 young actors to participate in the RAN YOUNG platform and have the opportunity to share the perspective of young people with our network of first-line practitioners. For information about the RAN YOUNG platform and how to apply please visit the RAN website.

Upcoming events

Due to the global COVID pandemic, RAN Practitioners will continue to deliver all meetings in the coming months online. For more information on planned meetings please go to the RAN website. A number of other meetings planned for the first few months of 2021 will be published in due time.

Lone actors in digital environments in violent extremism and terrorism

RAN Webinar | 14 June 2021

Experiences in dealing with Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Violent Extremist or terrorist offenders: questions and needs for the future

RAN PRISONS | 17-18 June 2021

Supporting young victims and survivors of terrorism

RAN VoT | 18 June 2021

Please keep an eye on the calendaron the RAN website for up-to-date information.


Contemporary manifestations of violent right-wing extremism in the EU: An overview of P/CVE practices

A new paper explores whether measures to deal with previous right-wing extremist expressions are fit to counter current manifestations of right-wing extremism. It describes the modern (violent) right-wing extremist scene and how it has evolved from past manifestations. It also highlights a number of promising practices from previous programmes targeting right-wing violence. Read more...

Conspiracy narratives and right-wing extremism – Insights and recommendations for P/CVE

A new paper explores how extremist groups use conspiracy narratives as a tool for recruitment and to advance their radical agendas. The paper examines how violent right-wing extremist groups in particular disseminate conspiracy narratives and how they exploit uncertainties, fears, socioeconomic issues and mental health disorders amongst vulnerable people. Read more...

Rehabilitation and reintegration of extremist offenders from a mental health perspective

A new paper provides insights for practitioners about mental health approaches and methods of treatment within disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration (DRR) programmes. The paper provides an overview of the role of mental health professionals and approaches to case management. The paper draws on the insights gathered from a RAN Health meeting held online on 10-11 March 2021. Read more...

RAN study visit to South-East Asia

A new paper provides a summary of the digital study visit to Southeast Asia which took place on 3-4 March 2021 and brought together 23 European and Southeast Asian practitioners (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines) to share knowledge and exchange challenges and inspiring practices in the field of disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration (DRR) of violent Islamist extremist offenders. Read more...

Youth Participation in P/CVE for Local Authorities

A new paper provides insights for local authorities about how to coordinate and deliver localised programmes and policies that safeguard and empower their young citizens. The paper provides a break-down of different mechanisms that can be used to engage and involve young people in P/CVE efforts. The paper draws on the insights gathered from a meeting of the RAN YOUNG Platform held online on 2-3 March 2021. Read more...

Digital Terrorists and ‘Lone Actors’

A new paper provides insights for practitioners about how to find and identify digital terrorist “lone actors” before they commit violent acts. The paper provides an overview of some of the early warning signs to look out for as well as guidance on the types of risk assessment tools available to practitioners. The paper draws on the insights gathered from the ‘small scale meeting’ held online on 24 February 2021. Read more...

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