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RAN Newsletter 80 | January 2021



2020 was marked by an unprecedented global event, the COVID-19 pandemic. It changed the way many live, work and interact with one another. For those of us working in the field of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), the pandemic has had significant consequences, both in terms of how we do our work and in the nature of the challenges that need to be addressed. In the first RAN Update of 2021, we take a look back at some of the key moments and highlights from 2020 – in case you missed them. We also look ahead to 2021, which marks the 10th anniversary of RAN. To do this, we hear from a small panel of experts who discuss some of the challenges we might expect to face.



A lot happened in 2020. New leaders of RAN Working Groups were installed from July and introduced to the larger network at the RAN plenary in October. A series of new Working Groups were also established, including RAN Youth & Education, RAN Rehabilitation, RAN Prisons, RAN Health and RAN Families, Communities & Social Care. The 2020 RAN YOUNG Platform was launched to empower the next generation of influential leaders, thinkers and doers in the field of P/CVE.

The RAN Rehabilitation Manual was published, which offers guidance for practitioners working to rehabilitate radicalised and terrorist offenders. And a design competition was launched for the European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism. For more information on any of the above and to access all papers produced in 2020 go to the RAN website.


The View

The View is a programme which brings together leading Member State representatives and first-line practitioners in the field of P/CVE to exchange views on some of the most relevant and timely issues of the day. In the second episode of The View, a panel of four look ahead to 2021 and explore some of the emerging P/CVE challenges that practitioners might need to address as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, the panellists discuss a number of potential challenges, but in particular take a look at the violent right wing extremism (VRWE) digital recruitment challenge, including VRWE recruitment effort on online gaming platforms and through YouTube programming.

Watch the programme in full here.

Upcoming events

All Working Group meetings and other events planned for the first few months of 2021 will be published on the RAN website in due time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RAN will continue to deliver all meetings in the coming months online. Further information will be published in future Updates.


Extremists’ Use of Video Gaming – Strategies and Narratives

A new paper provides insights for practitioners on the nature and extent of the use and abuse of video games and adjacent communications platforms by extremist groups, including the strategies and narratives deployed. The paper also provides insights on the ways in which the gaming community could be empowered to deal with the challenges, although the resilience of this community should not be underestimated or even undermined. The paper draws on the insights gathered from participants at the Communications and Narratives (RAN C&N) digital meeting held on 15 and17 September 2020.


The Diversification of VRWE as Challenges for Rehabilitation

A new paper provides insights for practitioners, particularly those working in probation or doing exit work, on the challenges that the diversification of VRWE is posing for rehabilitation work. The paper explores the resources required to rehabilitate an older demographic. It also considers their needs and how to motivate them to participate in rehabilitation programmes. The paper draws on the insights gathered from participants at the Rehabilitation digital meeting held on 16-17 September 2020.


Harmful conspiracy myths and effective P/CVE countermeasures

A new paper provides insights for practitioners on individual and psychological benefits of believing in conspiracy myths and indicator categories for potentially harmful conspiracy myths. The paper outlines a series of five preventive and counter-measures, including critical thinking, dialogue, tolerance, pre-bunking and debunking. The paper draws on the insights gathered from participants at a small-scale expert meeting held on 28 September 2020.


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