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RAN Newsletter 79 | December 2020



Europe has once again been rocked by a series of terrorist attacks. Recent attacks in Austria, France and Germany show that the threat from violent Islamist extremism remains. While COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise and Europe finds itself once again in lockdown, the work of first-line practitioners in tackling all forms of violent extremism has never been more important. In such unprecedented times, this work has never been more difficult. However, there are reasons for hope. In the latest RAN Spotlight publication we featured the first in a series of programmes which explored the impact of COVID-19 on the P/CVE environment in Europe. In this issue of the RAN Update we feature the second and third programmes in this series which explore how we can overcome some of these challenges. Meanwhile, given the background of the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Vienna the topic of rehabilitation has been brought sharply into focus. In this issue of the RAN Update we look at how RAN is addressing the topic.


Film: ‘The View’

‘The View’ is a new RAN panel of leading experts in the field of P/CVE from across Europe which meets to discuss some of the most relevant and timely issues of the day. We brought together the panel – consisting of Member States representatives and practitioners – for the first time this autumn and filmed them exchanging views on the topic of COVID-19 and its impact on the P/CVE environment in Europe. The programme (the second in a three-part series of films on COVID-19) explored some of the challenges raised by practitioners in the first of the films, ‘The Impact of COVID’.

You can watch The View programme in full here.

Film: ‘COVID responses’

‘COVID series’ of films takes a look at how some first-line practitioners are overcoming and/or addressing some of the specific challenges created or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We meet two experienced practitioners who talk to us about how they are tackling the proliferation of conspiracy narratives, the digital transformation and youth engagement.

You can watch programme in full here.


RAN Rehabilitation Manual

‘The ‘RAN Rehabilitation Manual’ provides guidance for first-line practitioners working to rehabilitate radicalised and terrorist offenders, both within and outside prison. It provides a comprehensive overview of the chronological phases of rehabilitation. The various actors contributing to rehabilitation processes are offered a structured assessment of important points of attention.

You can access the Manual here.

Spotlight: ‘Prisons, rehabilitation and reintegration’

The next edition of the RAN Spotlight publication explores the topic of prisons, rehabilitation and reintegration. The Spotlight features a series of articles by and interviews with first-line practitioners who share their thoughts and insights on a number of different aspects of the challenge, including gender and families. The Spotlight will be followed by a film which explores the rehabilitation process in prisons. Both the Spotlight and film will be published in the coming weeks and can be found on the RAN website.

You can read the RAN Spotlight publication here.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, RAN will deliver all Working Group meetings in the coming months online and until such a time that we can safely meet in person. Further information will be published in future Updates.


RAN Webinar following the Joint RAN FC&S, LOCAL, C&N and Y&E Meeting on “Preventing Polarisation and building resilience by creating a shared identity”

Webinar | 15 December 2020

‘Engaging with non-violent/not yet violent activists and extremists to prevent them from turning to violence’

Webinar | 15 December 2020

Please keep an eye on the calendaron the RAN website for up-to-date information.


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