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Migration and Home Affairs

Message from the Director-General

In an opening address given by Monique Pariat to participants at the RAN Practitioners Plenary, the Director-General for Migration and Home Affairs, thanked – on behalf of the European Commission – RAN practitioners for their hard work over the past year. She committed to supporting them to tackle the challenges of today and called on practitioners to “reach out to marginalised groups” and “promote European values.”

In her address, the Director-General talked about the challenges being faced today, including “the war in Ukraine, rising levels of inflation and energy prices, and concerns about “job security and financial prospects”, leading to people “further isolating themselves, spending more time online” and “losing trust in their governments, in public authorities and even in democracy.”

The address focused on the challenge posed by online radicalisation: “The Internet provides less filters and safeguards than real life. As a consequence, hate speech and conspiracy narratives are thriving online. This contributes to the further polarisation of society.” On this point, the Director-General described the important role of practitioners, who are in “daily contact with all communities, including the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in our societies.”

She said: “This is a daunting task, but the European Commission will support you in this mission every step of the way”... and will do “its utmost to help you in the digital transition.” Furthermore, she encouraged participants at the RAN Practitioners Plenary event to share their “challenges and insights” about “the realities of working in the field” in order to help the European Commission “devise better policies” and “devise the most adequate plan to help you carry on your work in the prevention of radicalisation.”