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RAN YOUNG Platform Youth Participation in P/CVE for Local Authorities, online meeting 02-03 March 2021

Youth are a core part of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), both as benefactors and partners. As vulnerable targets for extremist recruitment, they are a key target for safeguarding programmes that build resilience to extremism. As extremist groups grow younger, they will be a primary demographic for rehabilitation and reintegration programmes.i Also as partners, youth bring unique insights, creativity and credibility to local P/CVE efforts.

Effective youth work is imperative for P/CVE and local authorities are well placed to coordinate and deliver localised programmes and policies that safeguard and empower their young citizens. In order to work more closely with this key demographic, RAN organised a workshop in collaboration with members of the RAN YOUNG platform for youth practitioners and local coordinators.

The aim was to discuss the benefits of working with youth, as well as the challenges that they face and different approaches that can enhance their efforts. Practitioners joined from across the EU representing different community actors, including local governments, civil society organisations, youth workers and police — all key stakeholders in both protecting and empowering youth on a local level. Through presentations, discussions and collaborative exercises, participants examined different mechanisms for engaging and involving young people, and they explored potential solutions to some common challenges that can hinder youth participation. Read more


26 MAY 2021
Youth Participation in P/CVE for Local Authorities
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