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RAN YOUNG platform Galvanising youth in combatting online disinformation, online meeting 07-08 December 2020

On 07-08 December 2020, RAN YOUNG held an online meeting for 17 young activists to discuss the consequences of disinformation online and brainstorm innovative new responses that utilise the very technologies that make digital disinformation so potent and dangerous. In preparation for this meeting, the participants combed through their social media channels to find examples of disinformation.

Despite differences in nationality, language and context, there were striking similarities in examples the participants found. Regarding the topics for example, a lot of the disinformation in their feeds intersected with local and international politics, promoted nationalist and xenophobic narratives and demonised refugees. A great deal of this content related to the Covid-19 pandemic and seemingly capitalised on the crisis to undermine faith in institutions and fracture social cohesion.

Regarding the way that disinformation is presented, they also found that it is not always straight forward; it comes in many forms and utilises different mediums, techniques and strategies to create credibility and distort an audience’s understanding of important issues. An effect of this is that disinformation can be difficult to spot even for the most critical consumer. Read more


26 KVĚTEN 2021
Galvanising youth in combatting online disinformation
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