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Migration and Home Affairs

RAN VoT and C&N Conclusions How to involve victims of terrorism in a prevention campaign, online meeting 11 June 2020

When setting up a prevention and countering of violence extremism (P/CVE) communications campaign, one usually starts with identifying the Goal and target Audience, following the GAMMMA+ model. However, when including victims of terrorism in a P/CVE campaign – whose voices are a powerful alternative to the extremist narrative – the Message and Messenger are often already established.

This means the GAMMMA+ model needs to be adapted to support the way in which victims of terrorism share their stories. This will help them strengthen their efforts and make an impact through their stories. This infographic contains tips and tricks for victims of terrorism on how to share their narrative and aims to help practitioners setting up a P/CVE campaign successfully and respectfully embed victims’ voices in their campaigns. Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)