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RAN Small Scale Meeting Radicalised and Terrorist Reoffenders, online meeting 27 January 2021

When a radicalised or terrorist offender after release from prison relapses and commits a terrorist or extremist offence, this is followed by criticism from the public or politicians, and the attention from media is extremely high.

The Small-scale Expert Meeting that took place on 27 January 2021 gathered experts as well as practitioners and had the goal to provide a first overview about the current situation in Europe regarding recidivism rates of radicalised and terrorist offenders as well as the characteristics of these cases. This meeting was also used for the preparation of future meetings about the prevention of recidivism.

The discussion was divided into three parts, with the first looking at data available, the second looking at the characteristics of the offenders and reoffenders, as well as expectations for the future, and the third exploring possible follow-up actions for RAN meetings and other activities on this topic. Read more


26 MAJA 2021
Radicalised and Terrorist Reoffenders
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