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Migration and Home Affairs

RAN Small-scale meeting Effective and Realistic Quality Management and Evaluation of P/CVE, online event 05 March 2021

Due to the complex nature of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) programmes, the target groups they address as well as the variety of involved stakeholders, implementing measures of process regulations and evaluations can be challenging. Quality management and evaluations are, however, indispensable to make grounded statements on the effectiveness of P/CVE work and prove to be of particular importance when it comes to creating a learning environment for practitioners and when seeking to improve accountability.

This small-scale expert meeting sought to discuss the perspectives of research and practice in the field of quality management and evaluations of P/CVE, in order to gain a better understanding of underlying challenges and feasible measures in this context. Based on this, the key objectives of the expert meeting were to explore ideas on how the RAN constituency can further engage with the topic, promote and facilitate the implementation of evaluations as well as ensure quality standards across the Network. Read more


26 MAGGIO 2021
Effective and Realistic Quality Management and Evaluation of P/CVE
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