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RAN PRISONS Practitioners’ questions and needs for the future, based on experiences in dealing with Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Violent Extremist or Terrorist Offender

The RAN Prisons meeting brought together 22 practitioners working within the prison context. It provided them a unique opportunity to table questions and discuss needs concerning their work with imprisoned foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) as well as violent extremist or terrorist offenders (VETOs).

The meeting was organised with support from the RAN Police, Rehabilitation, and Families, Communities and Social Care Working Groups. It included interview-style presentations from expert-practitioners, inspiring practices and relevant research, as well as multiple group discussions. Read more

Fragen und zukünftiger Bedarf von PraktikerInnen, basierend auf Erfahrungen im Umgang mit ausländischen terroristischen KämpferInnen und gewaltbereiten extremistischen oder terroristischen StraftäterInnen
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