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RAN FC&S event Conclusion Helplines and hotlines in preventing and countering violent extremism, online meeting 15-16 September 2020

People often find it challenging to reach out to a contact point for support when identifying a potentially radicalised individual – especially if this is a family member or a close friend. In this context, helplines/hotlines can be an efficient tool for establishing a first contact and can also play a decisive role in the case development of potentially radicalised individuals.

The RAN Families, Communities and Social Care (RAN FC&S) digital meeting held on 15 and 16 September 2020 gathered practitioners working in hotlines and helplines and discussed the following topics: 1) Current evolving trends that can have an influence on the work of hotlines/helplines and key related challenges, including changes due to Covid-19 as well as evolving (violent) extremist threats 2) Possible skills, trainings and training methods that support helpline/hotline practitioners in assessing calls and messages from diverse environments and in staying abreast of developments in the field of P/CVE 3) Exchanging tips for practitioners for effective communication, clear rules on confidentiality as well as psychosocial support for practitioners. Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)