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RAN Practitioners Webinar on Hybrid ideologies

Building on former meetings and insights, a webinar series on Hybrid ideologies in German, French and English will be held and will focus on exploring the development of hybrid ideologies, particularly focusing on connective ideological elements and addressing the resulting challenges...

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Call for experts: reviewing RAN Collection practices

As part of the growing RAN Collection, a selection of practices is reviewed by different experts from the RAN expert pool each year. This review process allows for the the quality of P/CVE interventions to be improved and safeguarded.

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RAN Practitioners Update 104 Special Edition

In this Special Edition of the RAN Practitioners Update therefore, we take a brief look at what was discussed at the RAN Practitioners Plenary event, as well as provide an update on the RAN in the Western Balkans project.

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RAN Practitioners Update 103 | November 2022

This Update will therefore take a look at one topic which is increasingly of concern to practitioners: violent left wing, anarchist and anti-establishment extremism.

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RAN Practitioners Update 102 | October 2022

In this issue of the Update, we take a look at the online radicalisation challenge, through a new film, the latest episode of RAN Reporters, a recently-published paper and an upcoming event.

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Spotlight on COVID-19, Violent Extremism and Anti-Government Movements

This edition focusses on the challenge posed by violent left wing and anarchist extremism (VLWAE), including how conspiracy narratives have fostered anti-government sentiments, and how VLWAE and VRWE groups have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to turn people to violence.