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What’s up? Peer-led civic education in Social Networks with Muslim youngsters

Target Audience
Online communityYouth/pupils/students
key themes association
Internet and radicalisationVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
Peer Reviewed practice

Organisation (Civic education and prevention)

Is a Germany-based NGO that receives financial support from various government, EU and private grants. operates at the intersection of education, academia and public debate.

Working primarily with youngsters of Muslim and/or immigrant background, it aims to foster a sense of belonging and empowers them to confront the phenomenon of Islamism and ethnic-nationalist ideologies.

In addition, organises training sessions and conferences for educators and civil servants on youth cultures, Islam and Muslims in Germany, and carries out prevention work in local communities and educational institutions. regularly publishes educational material and scientific papers to inform a broader public on questions related to Islam and migration in Germany. This project is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

This project contributes to discussions among Muslim youngsters on Facebook. The aim is to provide alternative perspectives and background information on social, political and religious questions, in order to challenge highly visible Islamist narratives in social networks. It explores innovative, online approaches to civic education and prevention.

Following a peer approach, young Muslim adults trained to engage in online discussions encourage Muslim youngsters to participate in public debate and to develop individual responses to relevant sociopolitical topics.

The project addresses many issues (local politics, discrimination, religion, global conflicts) and makes visible the diversity of Muslim approaches. It intervenes at the early stages of radicalisation.


The project’s results and findings were published in several online booklets offering background information and advice on addressing questions of Islam, democracy, gender roles, discrimination, and conflict in the Middle East.

Contact details

Boppstr. 7, 10967
Berlin, Germany

Contact person: Götz Nordbruch
Telephone: (+49) 152 29271179
Email | Website

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What’s up? Peer-led civic education in Social Networks with Muslim youngsters
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