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Integrate UK is a youth-led charity that runs educational and creative projects around issues our young people identify as affecting their lives. Many of our projects involve creating media-based resources and lesson plans that allow young people over the age of 18 to lead peer education workshops in schools.

Type of Organisation: Charity

Project description:

Twin Track is a short, engaging drama exploring the complexities of the grooming process and the vulnerabilities that can swing the process towards radicalisation and allow perpetrators to target their victims. As well as considering constructive responses to outside pressures that may isolate them, students learn to recognise the subtle changes that might present when a young person is targeted, and discuss what actions should be taken.

Using a short drama and lesson plan, Twin Track engages young people in a discussion around grooming: identifying grooming approaches and language; and recognising the similarities between grooming for radicalisation and grooming for gang and drug culture.


Videos, lesson plan, classroom activities

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Contact person: Lisa Zimmermann
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