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Turulpata Facebook page - Ridiculing the Radical

Target Audience
Online communityYouth/pupils/studentsGeneral public
key themes association
Alternative and counter narrativesViolent far-left extremism


Political Capital Institute Ltd. (Hungary)

The practice is implemented by Political Capital Institute Ltd. (Hungary) a political research and consulting institute with one decade of experience in research on conspiracy theories, right-wing extremism and prejudices; and Free Market Foundation. It is an LTD. Foundation and the project is financed by private donors, but did not receive European funding.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The extreme right uses the Internet and especially the new Social Media tools very efficiently to spread its ideology and worldview. The far right lives and dies by provocation which gives it the image of an honest, revolutionist and ‘frightful’ force. Diabolisation and stigmatisation backfire in the long run.

The practice is based on the assumption that making far right ideas the subject of ridicule is a much more effective strategy than all other efforts. The far right’s simplistic, bombastic and single-minded ideology offers an excellent target.

Turulpata Facebook page aims at preventing and countering radicalisation by reducing both the attractiveness of the extreme right ideology and the receptivity of youngsters for extreme right ideas. Target groups of the project are potential future voters and supporters of far right political movements.

Turulpata is a fictitious settlement inhabited and led by far-right minded people in Hungary. Posts on Turulpata Facebook page reflect on current issues of Hungarian domestic politics, popular beliefs, sports and hobbies on the far right scene, and symbolic persons of the far right.


Posts on Turulpata Facebook page include photos, modified ads, leaflets, posters, memes and videos.

Posts are usually based on the own contents of the far right put in ridiculous context.

Contact details


Montevideo street 2/c,
2nd stairwell,
2nd floor,
1037 Budapest, Hungary

Contact person: Péter Krekó, director
Telephone: (+36) 1 430 66 99
Email | Facebook

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Turulpata Facebook page – Ridiculing the Radical
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