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Training sessions in Slovakian prisons

Target Audience
Prison / probation
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Prison and probationTraining
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Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description:

The target audience is prison officers/trainees of the basic training, specialised training and specialised course for shift heads.

In Slovakia, there are generally no major problems with radicalism and violent extremism. This is also the case for Slovakian prisons. Regarding this, there is only restricted experience of prison officers with these issues and the lessons are interesting for them.

Problems addressed and duration:

  • basic training (420 lessons): issues of terrorism, radicalisation, extremism in prisons (2 lessons);
  • specialised training (70 lessons): identification of signs of radicalisation, terrorism, extremism in prisons, treatment of inmates showing these signs (2 lessons);
  • specialised course for shift heads (108 lessons): fight against terrorism (2 lessons).

Delivered by: internal staff, IT.

Key resources:

  • national action plan on the fight against terrorism 2019–2022;
  • concept of fight against extremism 2015–2019;
  • symbolism used by extremist and radical groups (Handbook for identification of symbols issued by the Interior Ministry of the Slovak Republic in 2016 within the EMICVEC project);
  • internal regulation Order of Director General 10/2017 on Procedure of the Corps of Prison and Court Guard in addressing issues of radicalisation, terrorism and extremism in prisons (based on knowledge from international conferences, consultations with the Police Force of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Prison Service).

Training outputs that are needed are face-to-face training and powerpoints.


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Training Centre of the Corps of Prison and Court Guard – Head Lt.-Col.
Contact person: Norbert Kuruc

Information on the training
Contact person: Peter Neuhybel
Telephone: (+421) 220 831 1168