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Train-the-trainer awareness training and resource persons

Target Audience
Prison / probationFirst responders or practitioners
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Prison and probationTraining
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The national security unit and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

In each of the 98 institutions in Denmark there are designated ‘resource persons’ who have undergone specialised training by the national security unit and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

The resource persons are tasked with providing awareness training for staff locally and ensuring close support and sparring in the identification, assessment and tackling of extremism issues.

This addresses the problem of under-/over reporting of extremism concerns and the issues around handling violent extremists in a prison environment or on probation.

Training for resource persons is an initial 2-5 day course with a 1-2 day follow-up training session twice a year. (estimated cost: €30 000). Training given by experts from different authorities and universities.

The awareness training is a 1.5-hour event held in conjunction with regular staff meetings to keep costs at a minimum and is based on a PowerPoint slideshow.

The train-the-trainers and locally appointed resource persons concept aims to build trust and confidence locally. It can be stressful for individual staff member if they feel ‘alone’ with their concerns and acting on them.

The training provides awareness and guidance – and introduces a collective understanding and vocabulary. Additionally, it provides for a cross-professional, local assessment of a concern, which greatly helps the national security unit in handling and assessing cases of concern.

The training focuses on all levels of radicalisation – from minor concerns to dealing with convicted terrorist offenders.

The awareness training has been used for a decade, but the concept of resource persons was introduced in October 2016.

The training combines cultural sensitivity, human rights, intelligence, case studies, psychology, sociology and procedural guidance.

The beneficiaries of the training sessions are prison guards, social workers, management, staff – all employees.


Face-to-face training and introduction to a handbook and guidance manual.

Contact details

Contact person: Morten Hjørnholm

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Train-the-trainer awareness training and resource persons
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