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Grundkraft (Switzerland)

Company of change facilitation, LTD. Provides a hub for approximately 100 facilitators across Europe using the ‘Teachers Empowered’ program in their work with schools. Programs are financed individually by participants or schools.

Processwork Hub (Greece)

Network of professionals involved in adult education, psychotherapy, community work, conflict resolution training and facilitation. Programs are financed individually by participants or schools.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The methodological basis of the program 'Teachers Empowered' rests on viewing the teaching profession as an exercise in leadership. Prerequisites for the development of leadership qualities are work on one's own personality and one's own vision for leadership. Personal growth is the foundation of both the content and methodology of the program.

Participants discover the intrinsic strengths in their personalities and learn, through practical exercises, to anchor them and use them in their everyday work. The program also deals with effective communication and classroom leadership. It also considers the integration of empowered teaching staff in existing teams and organizations, in which the distribution of roles is different from that in the classroom.

Effective leadership in the classroom is a key component of prevention work and conflict resolution. The more equipped educators are to facilitate the learning process and the group process in the classroom, the more able they are to deal with disturbances that arise, to support diversity and community building in the school.

Radicalisation and violent extremism are fuelled by marginalisation and a felt sense of isolation. The 'Teachers Empowered' program supports educators in building the necessary skills to build sustainable relationships and community in the classroom and the school as a whole. This serves as prevention to extremism.


Manual 'Teachers Empowered' (130 pages) Languages: German, English, Greek, Slovak, Spanish

Contact details


Kanzleistrasse 105,
8004 Zurich, Switzerland

Contact person: Lukas Hohler, M.A.
Telephone: (+41) 442 428 400
Email | Website

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Teachers Empowered
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