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Account Trust

Account Trust is a Community Interest Company formed in January 2014. Account Trust have received funding from trust funders and public authorities for delivering training on Equality legislation.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

A Community and Wellbeing Approach to Supporting Tamil Militants

Success Together was a one year project that worked more broadly to support the interests and needs of Tamil families affected by the civil war in Sri Lanka. A specific part of Success Together involved working with radicalised - former - Tamil militants. In particular, those who are radicalised, continue to organise, meet and collect funds around a military separatist agenda.

The project brought together professionals, including trained counsellors, legal advisors and those involved in community work. By working collaboratively with a local community centre opportunities were presented for direct engagement with those involved in radical activities. Therefore, by taking a holistic approach to working with the different professionals, community members and those affected, broader issues of an individuals’ welfare in addition to diversionary activities (employment, training) could be considered and accounted for whilst simultaneously ensuring the provision of psychological support.

The provision of appropriate psychological support was intrinsic to Success Together. The project incorporated culturally adapted (with eastern framework) cognitive therapy by trained psychologists delivered in mother tongue. Participants stressed these necessary adaptations from more formal western mental health interventions facilitated their participation. The combination of activities and psychological provision consequently led to reduced levels of social isolation, improved well being and the development of counter narratives to the groups organising around a military separatist agenda.

Contact details


Account Trust
C/O Helplink, F-7,
The Town Hall,
Southall - Middlesex UB1 3HA.

Contact person: Anthony Salla
Telephone: (+44 ) 020 8571 8811 / (+44) 079 7562 6275
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Success Together
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