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Restoring Relation Project (RRP): Addressing Hate Crime through Restorative Justice

United Kingdom
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Restorative justiceViolent right-wing extremism
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Race on the Agenda (ROTA)

Is a social action and research organisation which operates to address racial inequality working in London. ROTA is a charity and company limited by guarantee. Historically funded by a mixture of funders including a regional London pot, trust funders and central government. We are presently funded as part of an online hate crime project by the EU.

Type of Organisation: Charity

Project description

RRP was a three year multi-agency partnership project operating within and across deprived urban areas of Southwark and Lambeth in London.

RRP worked with white right wing extremists and individuals and groups involved in perpetrating low level racial harassment.

By working across project partners, including police, housing, education, the project worked by bringing together both victims and perpetrators to repair harm, seek reparation and build community relations.


Training was delivered on Race hate crime, restorative justice and multi-agency partnership training to 45 London based organisations (I need to check for a training module).


Race on the Agenda,
Resource for London,
356 Holloway Road,
London N7 6PA,
United Kingdom

Contact person: Anthony Salla
Telephone: (+31) 20 7697 4093
Email | Website

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Restoring Relation Project (RRP): Addressing Hate Crime through Restorative Justice
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