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Religion and mediation training for religious and traditional peacemakers, international organisations & practitioners in the field

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Finn Church Aid

The Network was initiated in 2013 as a direct result of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s report titled ‘Strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution’ (UN GA Report A/66/811, 2012) and the supporting guidance document named ‘UN Guidance for Effective Mediation’ (UN GA Resolution 65/283, 2012).

The Network is a faith-based organisation and it is financially supported, inter alia, by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finn Church Aid, the KAICIID Dialogue Centre and the United States Institute of Peace. In addition, the Network receives significant support in the form of in-kind contributions from several Network members.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

Since 2014, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers (hereinafter ‘the Network’) has participated in leading, funding, and supporting training for the diplomatic and international community, as well as religious and traditional peacemakers on engaging religious worldviews in peace-making and peacebuilding processes, particularly in peace mediation.

The training enables the UN, international organisations, policy-makers, Track 1 actors, non-state organisations and other stakeholders to improve their understanding of radicalisation.

Part of this is understanding the crucial role of religious and traditional actors, who due to their connections and networks and often central position in their communities, have a set of tools to prevent violent radicalisation locally.

The training for religious and traditional peacemakers focus on building their capacity and strengthening skills and knowledge with regard to preventing violent extremism (PVE). In short, PVE is a theme that cuts across all of the Network’s activities.


  • Development of the Network training was commissioned in 2016 to Al Amana International, who conducted baseline research on the training gaps of religion and mediation trainings. This resulted in a report in February 2017.
  • Training modules.
  • PowerPoint presentations, handouts and practical exercise materials.

Contact details


Kirkon Ulkomaanapu – Finn Church Aid
Eteläranta 8, P.O. Box 210,
FI-00131 Helsinki, Finland

Contact person: Milla Perukangas
Telephone: (+358) 40 660 1990
Email | Website

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Religion and mediation training for religious and traditional peacemakers, international organisations & practitioners in the field
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