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RAN 'Train the trainer' programme

Target Audience
First responders or practitionersEducators/academicsLaw enforcement officers
key themes association
Formal/informal educationTraining
Peer Reviewed practice


RAN Centre of Excellence, in cooperation with experienced trainers of the RAN expert pool

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The one-day Awareness and Actions Workshop held by RAN TAS (predecessor of RAN Centre of Excellence) was designed to provide awareness training to Member States who need to reach out to different actors.

This interactive workshop held via YouTube involves voting cards and several exercises based on real-life case situations. As exchange between participants is key, a diverse group in terms of different types of professionals adds value.

The one-day workshop is being remodelled into to a two-day 'train the trainer' programme. On day one, trainee participants attend the workshop. On day two, they are offered support in building their own workshop, using RAN materials.

Since the workshop is a robust, basic awareness programme, trainee participants don't have to be experienced trainers; they can be facilitators who feel comfortable leading a session in front of a group of colleagues or network partners.


The training materials in the 'train the trainer' programme are in English and German, and may be translated for the hosting country.

The materials are a PowerPoint, short movies and exercise materials.

Contact details

Contact person: Steven Lenos
Telephone: (+31) 651091741
Email | Website

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RAN ‘Train the trainer’ programme
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