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Migration and Home Affairs

PAIRS (Individualized Support and Social Reaffiliation Programs)

  • France
Target Audience
  • Prison / probation
key themes association
  • Islamist extremism
  • Rehabilitation
  • 2021


GROUPE SOS Solidarités

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

The goal of the centres for handling radicalised individuals is to work towards disengagement from violent radicalisation and prevent the risk of progressing to violence while encouraging social reintegration and instilling civic values.

The programme was aimed at people under judicial control, before or after trials. Individuals can be assigned to the programme by a judge or be voluntary participants.

The programme implies a multidisciplinary approach and several professions such as psychologists, career counsellors, social workers and Islamic studies experts.

Intensive support - up to 20 hours a week - based on several pillars:

  • A religious mediation approach aims to create a critical mindset concerning biased references promoting the ideological discourse.
  • Psychological support allows to work on psychological vulnerabilities to avoid the person being targeted by radical speech.
  • Employment and social stability are the best buffers against radicalisation.

Contact details


GROUPE SOS Solidarités,
102C rue Amelot,
75011 Paris

Contact person: Jules Boyadjian
Telephone: (+33) 664 866 763
jules [dot] boyadjianatgroupe-sos [dot] org (Email)

Contact person: Juliette Van Niekerk
Telephone: (+33) 785 426 216
psychologue1 [dot] pairslilleatgroupe-sos [dot] org (Email)

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PAIRS (Individualized Support and Social Reaffiliation Programs)