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Omagh Support & Self Help Group

United Kingdom
Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsVictims of terrorism
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Community engagement/civil societyVictims of terrorism


Omagh Support & Self Help Group (OSSHG)

Omagh Support & Self Help Group (OSSHG) was founded in the aftermath of the Omagh Bomb in August 1998 to act as a source of support and solace for those adversely affected.

Widely acknowledged as the worst single act of terrorism in the last 30 years, on Saturday 15th August 1998 at 3.10pm a car bomb exploded in Omagh, County Tyrone, killing 29 people plus two unborn children, and physically injuring over 200 others.

The victims group has expanded to incorporate victims and survivors of terrorism from other atrocities and incidents throughout the world.

“Our mission is to promote, advocate for, and address the needs of victims of terrorism. In this respect, we are expressly committed to addressing the practical needs of those impacted by terrorist activity.”

The group’s current objectives are:

  • Relief of poverty, sickness, disability of victims;
  • Advancement of education and protection;
  • Raising awareness of needs and experiences of victims
  • Raising awareness of the effects of terrorism;
  • Welfare rights advice and information;
  • To support truth and Justice for victims of terrorism;
  • Improving conditions of life for victims.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The group's overall aim is;

  • to improve the wellbeing/quality of life for victims of terrorism
  • to support the re-integration into the community of victims of terrorism
  • to raise awareness of the effect of radicalisation
  • to prevent terrorism and radicalisation
  • to raise awareness of the needs and experiences of victims and survivors

The organisation regularly conducts educational seminars to students and peace researchers on the impacts of terrorism and affects on victims and survivors or radical activity worldwide.

We contribute to policy and practices within the Northern Ireland Commission of Victims and survivors and we engage with the British and Irish government at the highest level on victims issues including policy and legislation.

We have published a guide for victims and have been involved in many storytelling projects to raise awareness of the impacts of radicalisation.

We held a victim's conference in Omagh in 2012 titled 'Lessons Learnt'. The conference brought together professionals in first line support services to share their experiences and pass on the lessons they have learnt.

We have participated in many projects to highlight the impacts of terrorism over the years with a view of changing perspectives. We are in the process of developing an anti radical schools package to engage with young people and deter them from the destruction of violence.


Over the 16 years we have produced many booklets, training aids, and educational seminars on victim's issues and we recently participated in the project Victim's counter-terrorism gathering: The voice of the survivors against radicalisation.

Contact details


Bridge Centre,
5A Holmview Avenue,
Omagh, Co.Tyrone,
BT79 0AQ, Cat Wilkinson

Telephone: (+44) 028 82259877

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Omagh Support & Self Help Group
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