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Лого на Европейската комисия
Migration and Home Affairs
United Kingdom
Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsViolent extremists
key themes association
Alternative and counter narrativesForeign Terrorist Fighters and their families
Peer Reviewed practice


Quilliam Foundation Ltd

Is a non-profit with headquarters in London and working all over the world to counter extremism of all kinds. Quilliam was a beneficiary of a DG Home Grant in 2014 as part of the TERRA programme, providing research and policy advice. #NotAnotherBrother was not supported financially by the European Commission.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

This counter-speech campaign aimed to reach potential foreign terrorist fighters, and their networks, in order to dissuade from extremism and terrorism by challenging ISIS’ utopia narrative.

#NotAnotherBrother was first released in July 2015 on its own website and youtube channel with accompanying twitter account following a target audience analysis and creative process led by Quilliam and the private sector communications firm Verbalisation. It was initially unbranded, targeted at English-speaking individuals, already radicalised, close to travelling to join ISIS and English-speaking individuals, vulnerable to radicalisation, tempted by Islamist extremism, and was supported by other campaign materials.

Following of the initial release, it re-released with Quilliam branding on it, through Quilliam’s social media channels. The video’s key themes received significant media attention, as did approaches to CVE in general. After the first month, the video was then taken into schools and other workshops, and used to stimulate discussion about radicalisation. The goal was to raise awareness and counter extremist narratives, and to inspire creativity and activism against extremism.

This campaign is targeted at delivering Counter or Alternative Narratives

  • English-speaking individuals, already radicalised, close to travelling to join ISIS
  • English-speaking individuals, vulnerable to radicalisation, tempted by Islamist extremism
  • The support networks of these two target audiences


A counter-speech campaign including multi-phase dissemination strategy of principal video, accompanying materials including trailers, an extended cut, tweetcards, and written pieces.

Used in schools and workshops as a counter-narrative and to spark discussion about ISIS propaganda and drivers of radicalisation

Used to inspire others – in schools and workshops – to create counterspeech

Featured as a case study in multiple handbooks, training sessions, and strategic briefings on counter-speech

Contact details


Quilliam Foundation Ltd
PO BOX 74004,
London, EC4P 4HT

Contact person: Jonathan Russell
Telephone: 02071827286
Email | Website

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