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The Amadeu Antonio Foundation

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation is a NGO in the legal form of a foundation. The organisation is working to strengthen democratic civic society and eliminate neo-Nazism, right-wing extremism, and anti-Semitism together with other forms of bigotry and hate in Germany. is a model project under the roof of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin. The project is funded by a program of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and is co-funded by the foundation.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description's work is based on monitoring, evaluating and combating hate speech and right-wing extremism in social networks and other parts of the digital world as well. Furthermore it promotes democratic values in cooperation with young activists online.

The working method is to reach out to young people between the age of 13 and 18 to become active in their social networks. Peer to peer training is used to coach people on how to counter extremism online. Through online actions - funny, serious, informative or amusing -, aims at building social networks without hate speech and neo-Nazis.

Additionally young people who are showing first signs of radicalisation are being contacted via chats to question their actions and are given information and counter narratives.


The project published four brochures and several videos within the context of online hate speech.

Furthermore an active community was established in the Web 2.0 to foster a democratic narrative and prevent radicalisation regarding right-wing extremism.

Also first line educators where trained in workshops on the subject of the special conditions of working against neo-Nazis within the online sphere.

Contact details


The Amadeu Antonio Foundation
Linienstr. 139,
10115 Berlin, Germany

Contact person: Simone Rafael
Telephone: (+49) 302 408 8624
Email | Website

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