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New Connexion

Is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. New Connexion is funded primarily by governmental grants.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

New Connexion started their work in the spring of 2009 at a school where there were problems with racism and there was a risk for youth getting radicalised. New Connexion’s first three years were spent locally at this school, meeting the students continually every other week.

After these first three years, New Connexion started focusing their work on educating school staff. The strategy behind this focus was to reach a larger number of students through the daily interaction with a key person in the students’ lives, namely the school staff. After all, they are people with valuable relationships and influence among the students.

The main focus is the “approach to the students”, consisting of four key components:

  1. A democratic approach. Listen respectfully and have a deliberative dialogue.
  2. Emphasis on facts and being critical of sources. Show the students new perspectives!
  3. Problematisation: dare to process experiences and challenges that can arise in the meeting of people with different backgrounds than their own. The focus should be on finding solutions, not on the problems.
  4. Long-term and continuity. Attitudes and values are deeply rooted within us and take time to change.

The goal is for the students to begin reflecting on the views and attitudes they have themselves, and the view and attitudes they see in other people.

A high demand for tools in the work against racism and radicalisation exists today, and to meet this demand New Connexion has developed two teacher’s guides on this subject: one for grades seven through nine, and one for high school. The foundation of these materials is the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

New Connexion is a non-profit organisation whose employees travel to schools within Sweden to educate, to follow-up with, and to coach the school’s staff. New Connexion has gained much experience in working in environments where xenophobic and racist reasoning is the norm, both amongst adults and youth.


New Connexion has developed two teacher’s guides: one for teachers of students in grades seven through nine and one for teachers of high school students.

The material for grades seven through nine (students aged 13-16) was formed, tested, and refined in a process with students over a three-year-period. The lessons incorporate facts, small group discussions, role-playing and exercises.

The material is made for long-term, continuous work and should be used during the entire three school years. There are 16 lessons per year. The material is based on the Swedish school curriculum.

The high school material (students aged 16-19) was written in close cooperation with students from four different high schools. The students chose relevant areas and compared them to the regulatory documents and made exercises and role-plays.

The high school material is designed for a long-term and continuous work on questions related to racism and integration. It is closely connected to the subjects taught in high schools in Sweden and to the curriculum for the Swedish high school.

The base for both materials is the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New Connexion’s philosophy is that good conditions for a meeting place are created by an open climate for discussion, where the democratic approach, seeing things from different perspectives and facts are the focus.

Contact details


New Connexion
Box 9, 775 25 Krylbo,

Contact person: Birgitta Hägg
Telephone: (+46) 70-672 80 39

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New Connexion
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