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Migration and Home Affairs
United Kingdom
Target Audience
Local community organisations/NGOs
key themes association
Community engagement/civil societyGender/women
Peer Reviewed practice


Community Safety Unit, Ealing Council

Ealing Council, London Borough of Ealing- utilised during EC funded EPAREX project 2011-14 and supported by UK Home Office

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

A series of facilitated workshops based upon the priorities set by the audience, focussing on the ‘factors for vulnerability’ as developed by Cole. ‘Identifying Vulnerable People’ guidance Dr Jon Cole. Liverpool University, 2007.

The purpose of the workshops is to increase knowledge levels around the issues of vulnerability, foster a positive notion of personal identity, promote community involvement and good citizenship and establish self sustaining women networks.

The principles of the model involve the identification of ‘matriarch’ figures that promotes involvement and encourages the creation of women networks.

A methodology to engage women’s groups connected with Faith Institutions utilising the subjects that involve the ‘factors for vulnerability’ for people that may be attracted to extremism and violent radicalisation.

The target audience is women networked through their connection with Mosques and other faith institutions that may have informal roles in the institution or wider community


A facilitation guide is currently being developed but principles can be used in most scenarios involving women as a focus group.


Community Safety Unit, Ealing Council,
Perceval House, Uxbridge Road, Ealing,
London, United Kingdom

Contact person: Nazia Matin, Prevent Strategy Manager
Telephone: (+44) 07866 702611

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