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Mhtconsult - Community Counteracting Radicalisation (CoCoRa)

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Youth/pupils/studentsLocal community organisations/NGOsAuthorities
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Community engagement/civil societyVulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE
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Is the coordinating organisation behind the CoCoRa project. The project is co-financed by the EU-Commission, within the Erasmus+ Programme for Youth activities 2015-17.

Mhtconsult is a private and independent research and development organisation, founded as a limited company.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The background and rationale of the CoCoRa project and prevention concept:

All over Europe we see:

  • An increased focus on political-religious radicalisation oriented towards Daesh in the wake of the Syria civil war
  • An increased preparedness to prevent and counteract young people´s political-religious radicalisation, violent/militant extremism and terrorism
  • A variety of prevention and intervention strategies launched to respond to these phenomena throughout Europe
  • Most efforts aimed at strengthening the professional resources – frontline workers/practitioners as well as researchers and intelligence services etc.

But despite all these effort:

  • We still seem to witness an increasing number of radicalized youngsters, turning their heads and resources towards political-religious movements against Western-democratic societies
  • Civil societies and local communities are rarely an integrated part of the prevention strategies.

On this background, the overall aims for the CoCoRa projects are to:

  • To contribute to a new community-based and coproductive prevention strategy against politicial-religious radicalisation and violent extremism among young people in the risk zone for radicalization.

The concrete objectives are:

  • To develop a prevention programme focused on the strengthening of young people´s empowerment and devotion to an active fellow citizenship
  • To involve local communities as equal partners in developing the prevention programme, utilizing inside knowledge, confidential positions and credibility.
  • To train the young participants for an intercultural ambassadorship to engage in dialogue and coproduction with professionals in prevention activities.

Thus, the CoCora project will:

  • Empower young people exposed for political-religious radicalization to recognize and define themselves in the concept of an equal and active fellow citizenship
  • Strengthen the mutual insight, credibility and trust between local professionals/practitioners and local communities in order to qualify approaches and methods in united prevention efforts.
  • Incorporate the empowerment and equality approach to the prevention strategy in order to relate the prevention efforts clearly to the perspective of an equal and active citizenship.


The CoCoRa project will provide a total prevention strategy package of transferable and accessible handbooks, including the following activities and deliverables:

  • The CoCoRa Collaborative Programme (CCP) – a concrete concept for involving local communities to collaborate and contribute to prevention efforts among young people in risk of radicalisation towards violent political-religious extremism and even terror.
  • The CoCoRa Prevention Programme (CPP) – a concrete concept for educating and empowering young people in the risk zone to define and follow their own visions for an equal and active citizenship, built on the basic idea of the self-including citizenship.
  • The CoCoRa Ambassador Programme (CAP) – a concrete concept for further training of young people from the preventions programme to be spokespersons and ambassadors. The young ambassador will be responsible for the communication of needs, resources and special expertise among young people in their peer group to contribute to the common prevention effort in a collaboration with local/regional prevention authorities and professionals – thus building a sustainable bridge for a preventive strategy taking the resources of local communities into account.

Thus, the basis idea is to combine the radicalization preventive perspective with an empowerment approach and knowledge input and exercises focusing on the potentials for overcoming the experience of alienation, exclusion, lack of equal treatment and even direct discrimination.

The key word for this empowerment and new orientation process is our new concept of self-including citizenship, connoting the process of practicing a positive and active citizenship, even though one still may be met by negative presumptions and prejudices.

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Karlsgårdsvej 11,
DK-3000 Elsinore, Denmark

Contact person: Margit Helle Thomsen, director
Telephone: (+45) 51204858
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CoCoRa – Community Counteracting Radicalisation
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