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Memoria futura / Future Memory

Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsVictims of terrorismEducators/academics
key themes association
Formal/informal educationVictims of terrorism


AIVITER – Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism:

  • Non profit Association
  • This practice is self-financed, but Aiviter has been involved in EU projects financed by the European Commission

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

AIVITER realised a training module for the educational system to raise awareness of extremist violence and promote active citizenship among youngsters. AIVITER uses the stories and the direct and indirect testimonies of the survivors, family members, victims of terrorism (terrorism that has marked two decades of recent Italian history).

Starting from nowadays terrorism challenges, the testimonies and multimedia instruments on victims stories are used for reflection of what happened in Italian history, increase the awareness and level of information/knowledge of national terrorism and the historical and cultural roots. Therefore to encourage youngsters to develop a critical thinking, an awareness in the use of violence on political topics and in the risk of violent extremism engagement.

Furthermore, the storytelling activity by the survivors/victims, in first person and in public, empowers their resilience and their social status and role.

Architecture of the training practice:

  1. Propaedeutic activity with the teachers
  2. Two introducing lessons to the student on the topics
  3. The students works in group for three months on a selected topic with the aim to prepare a deliverable, expression of their activities and thinking
  4. Discussion and evaluation of the deliverables by each students working group
  5. Presentation of the deliverables in a public event in the occasion of the Italian Remembrance Day of Victims of Terrorism: all students and teachers are rewarded by Aiviter and the best works are disseminated on line.


The result of the student working groups are the concrete deliverables: they are digital outputs such as videos, power points, reports, web content, using any kind of communication language and means.

Contact details

Contact person: Luca Guglielminetti
Telephone: (+39) 011 532687 / (+39) 335 6619003
infoatvittimeterrorismo [dot] it (Email)| Website


Presso l'Amministrazione Provinciale di Torino,
Via Maria Vittoria 12,
10123 Torino, Italy

Read the full practice

Memoria future / Future Memory
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