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CNAF is a national public organisation under the authority of the Ministry for Social Affairs. It heads a network of 101 CAF units throughout France, which represent the Family branch of the social security system. Some 32 million inhabitants are beneficiaries of the family allowances, services and benefits managed by the Family branch in France.

CNAF is the chief state instrument dealing with family policies. In this capacity, it backs a wide range of youth programmes. It provides significant financing to all local and membership association-run youth facilities: social centres, young worker residences, social and cultural activity centres, extra- and peri-curricular activities, etc.

The Family branch spends EUR 80 billion annually on families, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local authorities, and on family policies for early childhood, young people and the fight against poverty.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The Promeneurs du Net programme provides an educational internet presence for young people by establishing youth workers on popular online social platforms and offering support where needed. By detecting early signs of radicalised views, this approach also advances prevention of radicalisation and/or violent extremism among young people.

Promeneurs du Net establishes relationships with teens by befriending them on various online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.). They make use of instant messaging, email or other contact/communication tools specific to the social network concerned (wall comments, publications, etc.).

Using their online presence, Promeneurs du Net offer various levels of support for young people:

  • non-specialised or targeted information on their programmes (schedules, activities, etc.) and neighbourhoods (local events, public debates, etc.), or on specific topics such as employment, health and prevention;
  • social links: daily exchanges ensure continuity and strengthen trust in the relationship;
  • support (accompaniment): impetus for initiatives, help in realising projects, etc.;
  • attentive listening (help): communication, debate, active listening, psychosocial support, etc.

However, this digital support does not replace face-to-face interaction: the objective of Promeneurs du Net is to respond to the various concerns of young people online, and also to propose meetings or active involvement in concrete projects.

Web Walkers programme

Due to the increased radicalising online presence, youth workers are facing growing violence and radicalisation among young people. Part of the professional practice of Promeneurs du Net youth workers is primary prevention of radicalisation among young people. Indeed, French web coaches are not currently equipped to deal specifically with young people showing signs of radicalisation.

Online radicalisation often capitalises on young people's experiences of harassment and violence, among other types of marginalisation. The 'Web Walkers' programme, launched in 2019 by the National Family Fund agency (Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (CNAF)), addresses this phenomenon. The aim is to better equip web coaches through a training programme and face-to-face and online workshops with young people, focused on these topics.

The training will enhance youth workers' understanding of the phenomenon of radicalisation, and their capacity to detect early signs of radicalisation and assess their severity and urgency. This will support youth workers to confidently address related issues with young people, and to determine when to intervene and whom to alert.


All the tools developed to support implementation of this programme (methodological guide, communication tools, national charter of values, etc. are available online.

Web Walkers deliverables:

  • training kit
  • evaluation protocol
  • evaluation report
  • 'Promeneurs du Net' toolbox .

These deliverables will be available at the end of 2019.

Contact details


32 avenue de la Sibelle
75014 Paris

Contact person: Ségolène Dary
Telephone: (+33) 145 655 477
Email | Website

Contact person: Marie Michel
Telephone: (+33) 145 655 753
Email | Website

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