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In Iustitia - Counselling of victims of hate crime

Target Audience
Prison / probationLocal community organisations/NGOsLaw enforcement officers
key themes association
Restorative justiceViolent right-wing extremism



Is a non-profit organisation financed from money tied to project grants. The following institutions have been the main donors since 2009: EVZ Foundation, Open Society Fund, European Commission (programme Criminal Justice), U. S. Embassy in Prague, Czech Ministry of Education, Czech-German Future Fund, Visegrad Fund.

All the above mentioned institution have donated money for particular activities of projects designed by In IUSTITIA.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

In IUSTITIA provides legal aid including representation in court and social counselling provided to all people affected by hate crime (1st liners, their family, friends, community), out-reach, awareness raising.

In IUSTITIA is an organisation focusing on hate crime and violent extremism (far right), providing legal assistance to victims of hate crime, incl. representation in court proceedings, and social services to communities at risk of hate violence, aiming at the improvement of practices of law enforcement concerning hate crime, publishing on hate violence and far right to raise awareness of such social issues.

In IUSTITIA was founded in 2009 as the first complex counselling centre for people affected by hate crime in the Czech Republic. It provides legal and social counselling to individuals and communities affected by hate violence.

In IUSTITIA also monitors hate crime, collects and publishes data concerning the issue. It also educates experts as well as general public on prejudices, hate violence and their prevention. It is engaged in advocacy and lobby on behalf of victims of hate crime.

The goals of In IUSTITIA, besides aiding victims, are to raise general awareness of hate violence and its impact on society, to prevent the by-stander effect, and to increase skills and knowledge among educators, students, social workers, lawyers and other experts, as well as law enforcement agencies and the media.


During its six-year long practice In IUSTITIA has developed various deliverables related to various aspects of the issue of hate violence. They include a number of publications aiming at awareness raising or for educational purposes. This is the list of them:

  • Zpráva o násilí z nenávisti v ČR za rok 2011. (Report on hate violence in the Czech Repubic in 2011. In IUSTITIA. Prague: 2012.
  • Já a oni jsme my. Nápady a náměty pro multikulturní výchovu (Handbook for educators on preventing prejudice, racism and hate violence in schools). In IUSTITIA. Prague: 2012.
  • Násilí z nenávisti, rasismus a média. (Handbook for journalists on how to write about hate violence). In IUSTITIA. Prague: 2010.
  • Forgotten Victims. Hate crime and counselling for victims of hate crime in the Czech Republic. In IUSTITIA. Prague: 2010.
  • Nebezpečné známosti. (Czech-German cross-border far right extremism). Kulturbüro Sachsen. Dresden: 2009.

In IUSTITIA also developed a training course for social workers which is accredited at the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, a course for educators accredited at the Czech Ministry of Education and a training course for the police.

In IUSTITIA’s staff members (lawyers, social workers and educators) regularly publish on topics related to the issues of hate violence, counselling, prevention and law enforcement.

Contact details


o. p. s., Rybna 24,
110 00 Praha 1,
Czech Republic

Contact person: Klara Kalibova, founder and director,
Telephone: (+420) 773 177 822 / (+420) 212 242 300
klara [dot] kalibovaatin-ius [dot] cz (Email)| Website

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Counselling to victims of hate crime
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